My name is Jean-Marc. Born in Luxembourg, Luxembourg. Living in Munich, Germany. Photography. Theatre studies. 

I’m all about transforming the human stories around me. My tool is photography, but I also like fastfood (not that that matters). When it comes to human encounters, I like it unpretentious and straightforward, with a good dose of (bad) jokes. I want the people that I photograph to trust me, and I’ll do anything to achieve this. Feel free to let the images on this site speak for themselves though, and don’t hesitate to contact me here.






Jean-Marc Turmes, Jahrgang 91, Luxemburg. Dann München. Theaterwissenschaft. Fotografie. (Fastfood).

Ich (be)stehe auf unprätentiöse, lockere, auch mal humorvolle Begegnungen. Nur so kann Vertrauen entstehen, und am Ende dann ein menschliches Foto. Nie perfekt also, aber immer mit Herz.

Euer Jean-Marc




Fotografiert von Sarah Clemens